1st in the realization competition container terminal train station, Munich, Germany

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Location: Munich

The realization competition container terminal Munich – Mercedesarea – Milchladehof was announced by the City of Munich. The competition was arranged in 2001 with a partnership and awarded with the first prize. The competition was about planning a new structured settlement with infrastructure, green areas, etc… on the former territory of the railway. So green and free areas were designed with separated zones for moving, plants and playing. In the following the green, free and playing areas are briefly described: The green concept:: The green concept is subdivided into an inferior and superior structure. An important condition for the planning was to use the existing structures of green and to embed the free areas into the environment. Different free areas were created by the settlement of buildings and structures of green. So there is a superior tree structure that frames the park at the sides, front and end with large trees. A further tree structure is located from north to south. This structure differs from the first. A further structure of green represents the park inside the settlement. There are large meadow surfaces, bushes and tree plantings from domestic small trees. Only exposes places should be emphasise by choosing different materials, the other sealed surfaces should be built by uniform elements. The park invites to relax, to walk around and to play in pleasant atmosphere. The conception for playing: In the park are several playgrounds for different age groups. There are playgrounds for children from 1-6 and 6-12 years in front of the daycare facility for children to ensure the supervision. Further uses for playing ball are developed at the ends of the park. In these areas, in which no supervision can be provided, young persons should be addressed. At all places is the possibility to have festivals,concerts, e.g. for all visitors, no matter what age.