Al Khazna Park Al Ain

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Location: Abu Dhabi

The Al Khazna Park is situated close to the oasis city Al Ain in the emirate of Abu Dhabi. K&K has been charged in 2007 with the concept/supervision planning of the park area. The park area should be used as recreation and relax area for the nearby residents and as play facilities for the children. An important issue is to create a noise and visual barrier to the close by passing highway. For this issue high ramparts with different vegetations are foreseen for the barrier areas. In the same areas play- and sportfacilities are included. The rampart does not offer only protection but the same integrates facilities for playing, climbing, sliding, etc. A trail invites to play hide and seek or to explore special planting types or vegetation structures. The sitting areas are planned along the curved pathway axis and invite to relax and recreate. Furthermore we have planned single square areas with pergolas for shadow. In the middle axis is planned another meeting point with a water feature. The lare meadow areas invite to pick-nick, playing, relax, etc.