Design for outside facilities Behring-hospital in Berlin, Germany

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Customer: Public

Location: Berlin

The senate of health assigned Kamphausen & Kamphausen to plan and transform the outside facilities of the Behring hospital in Berlin Zehlendorf in 1985. The outside facilities should be transformed into a generous park that allowed the patients and visitors to rest and walk around. Also a Mediterranean resting area with large olive trees was conceived. The pleasant and friendly atmosphere of the hall in the middle of the hospital should make the hospitalisation as pleasant as possible. Further waste-management, surface drainage, parking lots, roads, etc. were planned and compiled. In the park are individual places, individual areas, possibilities to move and therapy stations. The structure of green areas appears pretty with all the different colours, smells and structures. Around the park is an avenue with trees of chestnuts. The project was completed in 2004 and the response of the patients concerning the arrangement was and still is very good. The three opperation diagrammes shown above, stand exemplary for the compiled functions such as development and way system, development and disposal, creation and preservation of biotopes, development and combination of old and new structures of green areas as well as tho roof drainage and rain back attitude.