Private nursing residences in Wiesbaden, Germany

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Customer: Private

Location: Wiesbaden

Planning and accomplishment for an insurance company were completed from 1998 to 2001. The parcel of land is aslope, so difficult to get it barrier-free, e.g. for wheelchairs or frail people. The individual houses were on different height levels and connected by a free-floating bridge without differences in the attitude. The bridge as a design element is accompanied lateral and emphasised by column oaks and climber. A swinging plain path makes the inhabitants to discover the green area and let them rest at the seats arranged. The various and diversified structure in planting consisting of different colours, odours etc. connects the visitor constantly to the impression of the green areas. The access road is very spacious, so that transporting a sick person in an ambulance is not a problem. The owner’s requirement was to use natural stones. The surface was covered with Porphyr-paving-stones und granite blocks were used for building the wall. The furniture and fixtures like benches were made of noble Bankirai wood.