Concept for Global Village Promenade

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Location: Dubai

K&K in co-operation with two architects worked out the concept study for Dubai`s Global Village Promenade. This famous tourist attraction is situated in the completely new evolved Dubai Land and hosts many prestigious projects. The approx. 1,2 km long Promenade next to the water channel will be accompanied by Hotels and other Promenade buildings. The Promenade has been planned on three different height levels: stairs to reach the water, walking on the Promenade level and raised ramp plateaus for recreation and relax. The plateaus will be covered with sunsails in order to provide sun-protection and shadow. The pedestrian flow is not disturbed in this way and the height difference results as exciting and diversified. The Promenade will be accompanied by avenue-like tree plantation. Spacious design areas are foreseen at the crossover channels to be used also for meeting and orientation points. During night time the Promenade will be highlighted with special illumination effects; blue latern lights will be set up along the pathway and the water channel.